OM Masters:Fred Everything(Taiwan Edition)歐姆大師混音選:完美佛瑞德(台灣特別盤)

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M.U.S.I.C.【Fred Everything Lazy Days Remix】

Down To Love【Fred Everything Lazy Days Remix】
Hot Toddy 火熱陶迪

Don`t Nobody【Hot Toddy Remix】
Fred Everything 完美佛瑞德/N`dea Davenport 娜黛雅

Stay【Doza`s LCG West Dub】
Fred Everything 完美佛瑞德/Tim Fuller

On My Own【Giom Remix】
Fred Everything 完美佛瑞德/Roy Davis Jr.

Down To Love【Fred Everything`s Remix】
Hot Toddy 火熱陶迪

Read My Mind【SF Dub】
JT Donaldson/Fred Everything 完美佛瑞德/Mr. White

Dogg Starr【Fred Everything`s Dog Thang】
Ladybug Mecca

Here I Am【Fred Everything`s Lazy Days Dub】
Lisa Shaw 麗莎蕭/Fred Everything 完美佛瑞德

I Want【Fred Everything Remix】
Lawnchair Generals

Here Come The Beats【Fred Everything Lazy Days Remix】
Fred Everything 完美佛瑞德/JT Donaldson

Here Come The Beats
Fred Everything 完美佛瑞德/JT Donaldson

Don`t Want Chu(Now)【JT Donaldson & Tim K Remix】
Fred Everything 完美佛瑞德

Lungs【Fred Everything Remix】
Pete DaFeet

Beautiful Connection【Fred Everything Lazy Days Vox】
Frank Solano/Aren B